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The Samurai That Smells of Sunflowers (Prod. Oddwin)

The Samurai That Smells of Sunflowers Release biography:
"Since being signed, Kwon released his first single under the label, “The Samurai That Smells of Sunflowers”, mixed by the label’s engineer 601, with a promise of an album full of creativity and witty one-liners. His incredible use of wordplay, pop culture references, and overall unique flow makes for an entertaining and engaging lyrical performance."
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Benedetto (Prod. Canis Major)

Benedetto Cover Art Release biography:
Kwon Baker is back with the release of his second single, "Benedetto" from his highly anticipated mixtape Equilibrium. Baker created the acronym Benedetto, which stands for (B)less (E)veryone (N)ever (E)ver (D)iscourage (E)xpect (T)rials (T)hough (O)vercome.

Ultimately, the message Baker wants to convey is "stand for what you believe in, no matter what comes your way." "Benedetto" is littered with affirming statements to support his message, whilst also nodding toward pop culture with lyrics like "Shia Labeuf all on my socks," referring to the Nike slogan "Just Do It".
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Aye, How You Living? (Prod. Kenneth English)

How You Living Cover Art Release biography:
With a surprise release before the mixtape, Kwon is back with a rap banger paying homage to his favorite 1990's TV show "In Living Color".
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2EIO Presents: Kwon Baker

2EIO Presents: Kwon Baker

November 16th, 2018 | Doors open 8PM
With special guests: Greg Whiskey, J.ALLI, and Vanché!

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